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Inserting Summary Information in a Word Document

Inserting Summary Information in a Word Document

by Ernest Sasso, Esquire

Microsoft Word keeps track of summary information for a document. You can either use this summary information, or you can ignore it. Some of the summary information is automatically created for you while other parts need to be entered manually. One of the pieces of information maintained is the author of a document. This is originally set to be the Word user name, but you can change the author name at any time. Word allows you to insert summary information such as the author's name directly in your document, and have it updated automatically if you should ever change the information. This is done by following these steps:

  • Position the insertion point where you want the author name inserted.
  • Choose Field from the Insert menu. The Field dialog box is displayed.
  • Choose Document Information from the Categories list (See Field Dialog Box).
  • Choose Author from the Field Names list.
  • Click on OK.

There are many different bits of summary information you may want to include in your document. Here are a few:

Field Name



Name of the document’s author


Date the document was created


Document’s name and location on disk


Size of the document's disk file


Word user name of the last person to save the file


Total number of characters in the document


Total number of pages in the document


Date the document was last saved


Subject of the document


Name of the document’s template


Document’s title

You should note that not all of these fields can be inserted by selecting the Document Information field name category. For instance, CreateDate and SaveDate are inserted, instead, by first selecting the Date and Time category.

Field Dialog Box
Field Dialog Box