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Law Offices of Ernest Sasso
A Business and Corporate Law Firm Providing Superior Quality, Outstanding Value, and Extraordinary Service to Domestic and International Clients Telephone: (215) 493-1600 Fax: (215) 598-0977 E-Mail

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Practice Areas

Pennsylvania International Business Law and Real Estate Firm

North America - European Union - Asia - South America - Oceania

The need to protect business interests domestically and internationally in today's fast-moving, global business environment is vitally important to all companies, regardless of their size. Whether you do business in the United States or globally, legal advice from an attorney who understands the business complexities and legal questions is essential to your success.

With extensive experience in all aspects of domestic and international transactional law, the Law Offices of Ernest Sasso provide clients in Pennsylvania, across the country, and overseas, with a wide range of specific legal services, including:

  • Business and Corporate Law: Experienced legal counsel and representation serving the needs of domestic and international companies with business formation, strategic planning, employment, contracts and agreements, financial assets, executive liability, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation.
  • Information Technology and Computer Law: Assistance with consulting and service agreements, legal issues related to information technology, the Internet, and e-commerce, such as domain name arbitration, and jurisdiction questions.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Law - Skilled assistance with IP concerns involving transactional due diligence, audits, non-disclosure agreements, work-for-hire agreements, Web site agreements, and infringement litigation.
    • Copyright Law: registration, protection and restrictions, IP assignments, and questions of Internet misappropriation.
    • Trademark Law: registration to litigation involving Web misuse, and protection against infringement claims.
    • Trade Secrets: proactive protection of trade secrets and resolution of misappropriation problems through litigation.
    • Technology Licensing and Distribution: software licensing and development, concept licensing, technology transfers, license acquisition, royalties, and disputes.
  • International Law - Experienced legal advice to domestic clients engaged in international business and foreign clients doing business in the United States, including compliance with United States laws and regulations.
    • International Business Strategy & Advice: securing and maintaining joint ventures, partnerships, strategic alliances, distributorship agreements, sales agency and representative agreements, purchasing businesses or products, and administering overseas employment policies.
    • International Business Dispute Resolution: arbitration or litigation in international disputes involving the determination of options and consequences, and the enforcement or appeal of foreign judgments.
    • Export Licenses and Financing: addressing country-of-origin and the financial implications for domestic or foreign companies licensing technology in the global market.
  • Employment Law- Legal counsel to employers/employees regarding contracts, independent contractor agreements, consulting agreements, discrimination, sexual harassment or hostile work environment, wrongful discharge, wage/hour claims, and whistle blower cases (Qui Tam). In addition to assisting companies with workplace audits and general employment strategy, we also provide employer representation with labor law involving union recognition and union decertification, contract negotiations, and dispute resolution.
  • Real Estate Law: Legal assistance related to commercial leasing and contracts for sale or purchase of property, construction contracts, property management, easements and rights-of-way, land use and eminent domain, domestic and international sale of business property, adverse possession, resolving property boundary and access disputes, zoning issues, and brokerage commissions.
  • Litigation and Appeals: Legal representation in business or employment-related cases of corporate liability and torts to issues of unfair competition and contract disputes, international product purchases and licensing or enforcing conventions and foreign judgments, IP involving copyrights or trademark infringements and trade secrets, and technology and Internet-related disputes from software licensing to e-commerce and domain name disputes.

Business and corporate lawyer Ernest Sasso offers extensive knowledge and experience, plus exceptional service that can make a difference for your business. Please call (215) 493-1600, or contact our law office to schedule a consultation.