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Export Licenses & Financing

Pennsylvania Export License and Financing Attorney

When companies in the United States want to negotiate with foreign governments to secure an export license for a product, identifying and resolving all the critical issues involved requires legal assistance from a lawyer experienced in international business.

Ernest Sasso is an attorney offering extensive experience addressing the laws governing international business. From licenses for advanced technologies to simple goods, he provides clients with the legal expertise necessary to protect their interests when pursuing an international license agreement. Contact the firm for a confidential consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Export Licenses and Country of Origin

Business clients who wish to market products in North America, including Canada and Mexico, must understand how a product's country of origin may restrict the availability of an export license. Typically, companies can export products produced and manufactured in the international market with no limitations, unless they come from a restricted nation.

For example, an export license will not allow a company to bypass a United States trade embargo by using a free trade agreement to export cigars from Cuba through Canada into the United States under the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The percentage of a product manufactured in each country is examined and businesses can be subject to cival and even criminal penalties for non-compliance with United States laws and export regulations.

How Strategic Alliances Apply to Export Licensing

Products with strategic implications, or those products that are prohibited from being licensed and brought to the United States from a restricted country such as China, can be manufactured and licensed in Germany or Italy because of a treaty with the European Union, and because of the status of those countries as NATO allies.

Questions of "dual use" and other regulations from the Department of Commerce and the Bureau of Industry and Standards must be answered before moving forward with any business plan.

Ernest Sasso examines the applicability of an export license with the country or countries that a client wishes to obtain products from. Queries involving applicable tariffs or licensing choices, balancing cost against export regulations, are answered by laying out the detailed options, providing clients the advice they need to make effective export license decisions. 

If you desire to pursue a partnership, joint venture, or strategic alliance with businesses in the global marketplace to export and market products in the United States, contact the Law Offices of Ernest Sasso online, or call the firm at (215) 493-1600 to discuss your legal options in a confidential consultation.