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International Business Dispute Resolution

International Business Dispute Resolution in Pennsylvania

Business disputes between companies in different countries involve special legal considerations that can impact existing and future business strategies. With a focus on advising clients in the many aspects of conducting business worldwide, the Law Offices of Ernest Sasso offer the insight and experience to help clients address international commerce dispute resolutions.

In a dispute with a foreign company, a client may have the choice of going to court in the company's home country, or having the dispute settled in arbitration under the rules of international arbitral forums. In either case, winning a foreign judgment does not guarantee that a client will be able to enforce the judgment in a local court.

Ernest Sasso provides the background and experience clients need to make economic decisions on the proper course of action. If your company is involved in an international business dispute, contact his office for a confidential consultation with a business lawyer skilled in resolving international disputes.

Business Dispute Arbitration in the International Area

In an international business dispute, arbitration based on an international arbitration convention is often preferable to litigation in the courts due to the ease of enforcement of a successful arbitration award. Enforcing a foreign or domestic trial judgment in the United States, even from a common law country such as Australia, Canada, or England, is far more difficult than enforcing a judgment resulting from foreign arbitration. Under the terms of New York Convention of 1958, enforcing an arbitration award is a straightforward process in signatory nations.

To learn more about international arbitration methods and conventions including enforceability of awards, visit Mr. Sasso's publications' page for related articles on international business dispute resolution.

International Business Dispute Litigation

The decision to settle a business dispute through litigation in a United States or a foreign court may revolve around the issue of discovery, or the sharing of information relevant to the case. Judicial systems in the United States or England offer an array of discovery options that may be limited in other courts or in arbitration. Ernest Sasso's legal background related to international business strategy Link to International Business Strategy page provides the experienced guidance and judgment required to weigh the benefits of pursuing resolution of the dispute through arbitration or through the courts.

Mr. Sasso's legal expertise in international law also equips him to address the desirability of international judgments in a business dispute, whether through international arbitration, or in a more intricate court process.

For a confidential consultation regarding international business dispute resolution, please call (215) 493-1600 or contact the firm and discuss your concerns with experienced international law attorney, Ernest Sasso, Esquire.