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International Business Strategy & Advice

Pennsylvania International Business Strategy Lawyer

When conducting business operations globally, it is important for companies to consider the relationship of their international operations and their existing domestic corporate structure. Is a strategic alliance or joint venture more favorable? How are staffing or products and services affected? What happens when disputes arise?

When clients across Pennsylvania and across the United States seek legal advice regarding international business, they contact an international law attorney at the Law Offices of Ernest Sasso. His knowledge and experience can help ensure clients understand all legal facets that they encounter when conducting international business operations.

Legal Considerations for a Sound Business Strategy Worldwide

International law attorney Ernest Sasso, assists clients in assembling related components of an effective international business strategy that includes:

  • Considering a Branch Office or Subsidiary - One key issue for domestic companies is that they are responsible for the actions of a foreign branch office. If someone from the United States is injured as result of a foreign branch office's activity, the domestic entity could be liable for the negligence of the foreign branch. If the foreign branch office is organized as a subsidiary a company may be able to avoid liability for the actions of the foreign office.
  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor - Whether companies do business globally without a physical presence, or consider having the physical presence of a business office, the choice of hiring an individual as an independent contractor or as an employee has employment and liability ramifications that necessarily impact strategic decision making.
  • Purchasing Products or Businesses: Should a client buy a product outright or obtain a license? Such decisions, including purchasing a foreign business vs. purchasing assets, involve understanding the short-term and long-term legal implications of the choice made.

Mr. Sasso offers experienced legal advice to help comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of international strategic business options available to clients. In addition, he assists clients with the complexities involving international business disputes.

An Experienced International Business Advice Law Firm

The Law Offices of Ernest Sasso provide clients with legal advice and representation on questions of international law to protect their rights and interests worldwide, and help to ensure that their international business strategies meet their global business objectives.

When you need knowledgeable and experienced assistance in international business strategy and advice from a skilled attorney, please call the law offices of Ernst Sasso at (215) 493-1600 or contact Ernest Sasso, Esquire, to discuss your needs confidentially.