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Technology Licensing

Pennsylvania Technology and Software Licensing Attorney

No two license agreements are the same. Whether a company invests time and resources to develop software or other technologies, or if it wishes to license and market another's technology, complex legal issues require the advice of an experienced lawyer. The Law Offices of Ernest Sasso advises and assists clients nationwide and worldwide with the procurement and granting of technology and software licenses.

Ernest Sasso offers clients a wide range of legal experience in business and information technology law, including technology transfers domestically and internationally. An extensive background with international law allows him to tailor his services to meet the particular geographic, specialization, or dispute resolution needs for clients. Contact his office to discuss your technology licensing needs in a confidential consultation

Licensing Technology Products and Software Licensing Agreements

Technology licensing revolves around the question of who owns the patents and trademarks to the product or service. Most clients want to avoid paying unreasonable fees to obtain a technology license from individuals or entities holding intellectual property rights to the product.

Mr. Sasso advises and assists clients in obtaining software and technology licenses from domestic or foreign companies, and in challenging the validity of technology copyrights, trademarks, and patents. In addition, he also assists clients address potential litigation by the holders of valid intellectual property rights, in federal court as well as in foreign jurisdictions.

Understanding Software Licenses and Royalties

Whether clients need to determine a reasonable royalty payment for their respective software license or technology product, or the amount they may be willing to pay for another entity's product, Mr. Sasso provides assistance in addressing important issues. His specific advice includes:

  • Retention and complete ownership of the technology
  • Technology license terms-exclusive vs. non-exclusive
  • Specific geographic limitations and other considerations

The Law Offices of Ernest Sasso addresses the specifics for license and royalty agreements by conducting due diligence in the investigation and examination of the integral intellectual property issues.

Effective Resolution of Technology Licensing Disputes

Ernest Sasso protects clients by first negotiating for an efficient resolution with technology license disputes before beginning any arbitration or judicial litigation. The law firm always keeps the efficient resolution of any dispute in mind, whether in arbitration or court. The firm also has extensive experience with international license dispute resolution.

No one license will meet the needs of every client. Ernest Sasso tailors every technology licensing agreement to accommodate the business needs and objectives of each client. In protecting client interests, his law firm drafts license agreements that take into account the jurisdictional law relating to all the parties involved.

When you need experienced legal advice from a knowledgeable and experienced technology licensing attorney, please call (215) 493-1600 or contact Ernest Sasso, Esquire online to schedule a confidential consultation.