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Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets Attorney in Pennsylvania

Trade secrets can be one of the most valuable assets of a company, but only if they are properly guarded. Far too frequently, companies fail to recognize the importance of protecting these assets until they encounter serious disputes. By effectively planning ahead, businesses can avoid time consuming and expensive litigation.

The Law Offices of Ernest Sasso, protects the interests of business entities and individuals. Our principal attorney can help you develop sound strategies for protecting your trade secrets, or provide skilled representation in litigation if someone has misappropriated your proprietary information.

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What Constitutes a Trade Secret?

Any type of information that is uniquely known to a business entity and that is guarded by that entity can constitute a trade secret. This may include customer lists, client information, databases, secret formulas, manufacturing processes, or any other type of information.

This information is often expensive to develop, and can provide a company with important business advantages. If a disgruntled employee decides to take this information and provide it to your competitors, the consequences can be devastating to your company unless you take the proper remedial measures to protect your trade secrets.

How Are Trade Secrets Protected?

To develop and maintain a trade secret that will be enforceable in a courtroom, you must institute adequate precautions. These precautions should be taken throughout the life of your business. For example, your employees should sign non-disclosure agreements, and information such as customer lists should only be provided to those people who truly need the information.

Ernest Sasso, Esq. has spent more than 25 years advising and representing domestic and international business clients. He can help you develop a comprehensive trade secret protection plan, to prevent trade secret appropriation and provide you with future remedies if your proprietary information is stolen.

For information and advice regarding trade secrets from an experienced lawyer, please contact Ernest Sasso, Esq. to schedule a confidential consultation.